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$50 Gift Card
$50 dollar gift card to be used for Farm Strong services.  1 card per small group session.
Limit: 0 Sessions
Programs: Individual Programming
LocationsFarm Strong Athlete Development Center (FSADC)
Drop-In: Olympic Weightlifting
Drop in fee for a 2 hour fully coached training session, designed to increase an athletes power, speed, strength, and proficiency with weightlifting movements (snatch,clean and jerk).
Participant must have attended been evaluated by Farm Strong's free assessment, or taken a minimum of 1 private session or workshop, to be eligible for these sessions.
Limit: 1 Sessions
Programs: Advanced Training
LocationsFarm Strong Athlete Development Center (FSADC)
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
This is a one day, hands on seminar that focuses on the improvement of technique for all weightlifting movements and their variations. Participants will be taught proper progressions for the snatch and the clean and jerk, and learn how to troubleshoot and correct technique flaws.
Please select the clinic location that you would like to attend, and enter the clinic's date as the start date in the payment option.
Contact us for more info at
Limit: 1 Sessions
Programs: OPEN GYM
LocationsFarm Strong Athlete Development Center (FSADC)
Private Coaching Session
Need a coach's eye on a weightlifting movement, or another exercise?  Or just need a good workout?  Whether you need one on one coaching or would like to train with a small group of friends, Farm Strong can accommodate.
Limit: 1 Sessions
Programs: OPEN GYM, Team Training
LocationsFarm Strong Athlete Development Center (FSADC)
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